• Do your tips fit the Tecan™ MCA head?

    Yes, the tips were designed specifically for the MCA, TeMO, GenMate, and Aquarius pipetting head.

  • Do the same tips fit the Liquid Handling or “LiHA” arm?

    Yes, with the specifically designed JVR tipcone, you can use the same tips for both the 96channel head and the Liquid Handling “LiHA” arm for the following Tecan models: Genesis, MiniPrep, Freedom, and EVO.

  • How do I get the JVR TipCone ?

    Contact a Konnis sales representative.

  • My current MCA tip box is not SBS footprint. Is yours?

    Yes. Both the JVR base and the tip tray are SBS footprint.

  • Can you nest your tips?

    Yes. Our nested tips come in nested stacks of 10 tip trays (9,600 tips) as well as custom order stacks. (contact a sales representative for details on custom stacked orders)

  • What is your tip made of?

    Our tips are made of a proprietary polypropylene resin.

  • Do your individual tip boxes fit in a standard Tecan 9 position Hotel?

    Yes, since the base is microplate footprint.

  • Do your individual tip boxes fit in a Tecan stacker?

    Yes, since the base, and insert are microplate footprint.

  • How many nested 200uL tip trays can you fit in a Tecan stacker tower?

    Each tower can home 21 nested trays of 96 non-filtered tips.

  • Do you offer conductive tips?

    Yes. Conductive tips for the individual liquid handling arm are available.

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